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Online Safety

Safety Online13 July 2016

Dear Parents

As the summer term draws to a close our young people will be looking forward to the Summer Break.  Most will remain safe and will use social media wisely. We always provide support and advice at school where worries and troubles occur through misuse of social media but during the break we are not able to help.

We share very clear and well-established guidelines for the use of social media and it would be timely for parents to remind their children of how to stay safe online and to avoid causing or being involved in squabbles or, even worse, bullying, whilst enjoying internet connectivity.

Please promote these simple points so that we may all enjoy the summer and return to school happy and safe:

  • Remain polite, calm and use appropriate language
  • Don’t share inappropriate images or video clips
  • Don’t tag or comment unfairly about anyone who would be upset by your actions, even if you think it is a joke.
  • Share any worries you have with a parent or adult
  • Keep passwords and pincodes secure
  • Check your privacy settings, don’t share private information to strangers
  • Be online friends you know face-to-face.

There are many websites which offer quality, down-to-earth, advice and guidance about e-Safety and Cyberbullying.  Some of these are linked below:

Childnet  []

Internet Matters  []

UK Safer Internet Centre  []

Thank you for your support.