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Y8 Formal Assessments - October 2015

The guidance here outlines the topics for assessment in each subject and suggests appropriate revision materials. If any further clarification or support is required students should contact class teachers directly. The assessments are an important learning point for the future however, they should not be viewed as the only criteria for groupings, options or future success. The principle is to give students an early taste of a more formal examination process and provide useful information for future choices.

The current point in the building development programme means that the assessments will be taking place in timetabled lessons from Monday the 5th of October to Friday 16th of October. This means in some instances assessments may take place at different times for different classes. Staff will make students aware of their precise examination date on a class by class basis over the next week. Students should record this in their planners.


Recommended preparation


Year eight Art exam preparation

Students are exploring Aboriginal Art and will be set a written task for the year eight exam .In preparation students have been set research homework and class activities to support the exam task. Additional research on Aboriginal Art would be supportive.


This is an on screen multiple choice questions examination which is designed to assess students computational thinking and logic skills.

It is an externally produced assessment that has been recommended by the Computing at Schools organisation

No additional revision should be required and the assessment will provide a snapshot of their current ability with these skills.


Our Year 8s will be writing a response to their some practical work recently produced in class. There are some useful tips on the GCSE Drama BiteSize page. The website below is primarily intended for GCSE, in order to not to overwhelm students can they please focus on only the elements identified below

Please ask them to look at the following headings:

  1. Describing Body Language
  2. Describing Costume
  3. Describing Facial Expression
  4. Describing Voice
  5. Writing about and evaluating Theatre


Assessment Topic: Narrative / Recount writing:

Students will be writing about a time when they felt lonely OR when they felt proud of themselves

Students have this in advance and are currently planning, drafting, writing and learning their response. 

They will not be permitted to have any notes in the exam.


Geography Year 8 Exam Preparation

Topics Areas

  1. Passport to Geography – basic geography knowledge, continents/oceans, longitude & latitude/time zones, types of geography. Map skills – map symbols, 4&6 figure grid references, contour, scale and distance.
  2. Fantastic Places – World Biomes, Pressures on the physical environment from human activities e.g. development of historical sites, type of erosion.
  3. In to Africa- issues facing countries in Africa, ecosystem in Africa, People of Africa, Trade in Africa, Positive & Negative Effects of Tourism, example of conservation and management in the Serengeti.
  4. Population and Migration – birth/death rates, reasons for changing birth and death rates, population distribution, population policies, migration keywords, push/pull factors

Please click here for a copy of the revision booklet already provided


The revision topics are:

Middle Ages – Norman control (Harrying of the North, Feudal System, Domesday Book, Castles, Religion and the Black Death)

Tudor- Religious changes of the Tudor monarchs.

Please click here for revision resources

Please click here for the complete information sheet


As we collected in books, all year 8 students have their record of learning from last year.
For maths, any of the topics covered, as listed on the 6 topic review sheets last year, could come up, along with the topics covered over the last 4 weeks.
We suggest students start by reviewing each of the assessments completed in class last year including the end of year 7 exam.

They are all stuck into their maths book along with improvement posters for topics they found tricky. They should also read the teacher feedback in the form of WWW and EBI comments.

They should focus on revising the topics they struggled with. We suggest they use with their normal login of calthorpe and reflect and do relevant  booster packs and online worksheets. A second subject resource is and the username is calthx10.

Both available through puffin academy on the ipad as well as on any PC. Two other ipad resources for practicing until you can't get it wrong are "Cloud maths" and "King of maths". I do not want text books leaving the classroom, however students are able to come and use them in class after school.

Modern Foreign Languages

To help the Y8 students with their revision for the exams in October, here is what they should do in MFL:

  1. Look back at what we learnt in Y7 (students have been given their Y7 books back in September) and write a text in the language that recaps everything learnt
  2. Y8 booklet that they stapled in their books – it has all the grammar they need
  3. BBC BiteSize website – complete some listening and reading exercises on the topics of: Me, others, my family descriptions and my holidays
  4. Languagesonline website – has lots of vocabulary and grammar games & exercises

All Y8 students will have glued in their book a recap sheet of the exams they will sit in October with a brief description of what they will have to do.


For music preparation guidance please click here

Physical Education

The Year 8 exam will be focused on the skill developed in practical lessons

The key topics are:

  • Warming up and cool down
  • Core Skills in invasion games – sending and receiving, movement on and off the ball, defending and attacking
  • Muscles (major)
  • Bones (major)
  • Fitness
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Roles and responsibilities in PE
  • Fair play
  • Rules

Religious Education

The Year 8s have been, since the beginning of term, creating for themselves a revision guide with our guidance and our notes. They have all been told the 12 specific concepts they will be tested on.  They will take the revision guide they have created home with them when they have completed it. 

In class, they are also practising questions.  Some useful revision notes will be provided to confirm the 12 concepts they should focus on.


Click here for the topic titles and content

Click here for a list of useful websites


Students will be tested on all the different elements that make up Design and Technology.

They will be asked to design a meal with annotations

There will be multiple choice questions and questions that will need more detailed answers.

There will be a task to draw something isometric as well.

Useful websites: