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Rules & Policies

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) documents listed below are ESSENTIAL READING for all students scheduled to take external examinations (GCSE/FSMQ and the like).

The notices informs of what is permitted/not permitted in the examination room, what behavior is expected and what to do if help is required during an examination. 

Calthorpe Park staff and invigilators do not set the rules, but they are responsible to the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) for enforcing them. Strict penalties are applied to anyone breaking them. This could mean disqualification from a paper, an examination, or even a whole examination series. Please read them carefully and if anything is unclear, ask a member of staff or the exams office.

Also available are the notices regarding Non-Examined Assessments and Controlled Assessments. Students undertaking these assessments should read these notices carefully and share them with parents/guardians. Again, if anything is unclear, please ask before starting the assessment.

Our exam & controlled assessment policy is also listed below as well as the appeals policy for internal and external assessments.

Name Date Download
JCQ Warning to Candidates 01st Sep 2018 Download
JCQ No Mobile Phones Poster 01st Sep 2018 Download
JCQ Info for Candidates - Written Exams 01st Sep 2018 Download
JCQ Info for Candidates - NEA 01st Sep 2018 Download
JCQ Info for Candidates - On-Screen Test... 01st Sep 2018 Download
JCQ Info for Candidates - Social Media 04th Sep 2017 Download
Exams and CA policy 01st Sep 2016 Download
Appeals - Internal & External Assessment... 01st Sep 2016 Download
Internal Verification Policy (BTEC) 01st Sep 2016 Download
Disability_Policy_Exams 01st Sep 2016 Download