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School Expansion Project

P1050156In response to the considerable amount of housing being created in Fleet, Hampshire Local Authority explored options for ensuring that their commitment to providing Fleet Schools for Fleet children could be maintained. This led to a number of building programmes in Infant and Primary partner schools and to the development that has been built at Calthorpe Park.

Starting in 2015 and over the following years, the school will gradually increase its numbers thus necessitating increased facilities and rooms. Rather than expanding in a piecemeal fashion meaning that building would be going on over many years, the LA committed to increasing the school’s capacity to 1450 in a single project. After lengthy planning, consultation and building, we moved into the new classrooms and offices at the beginning of 2016!

P1050164The finished development has a new 14 classroom block at the front of the school with a new Library and Reception area. New Science labs have been created, as well as new Technology and Art rooms and an expanded dining area.

In what was always known as the Quad there is a new Hall that includes the current space although it will be able to be used as two separate areas as well as a single performance, presentation location with tiered bleacher seating.

In addition, there is a full size synthetic turf pitch on the school field plus a three tennis court size multi-use games area.

P1050151All of this has been enormously exciting and we are very happy with the new building. At the end of 18 months on site, we said goodbye to the team from Balfour Beatty and to Hampshire Property Services.  We thank them all but wish to pay particular tribute to Steve Duggan, the Site Manager for BB, who worked tirelessly, and to the highest of standards, supporting the school and becoming a recognised, respected and well-liked colleague.  We are sure that our school now provides some fantastic new classrooms and facilities that will be enjoyed by generations of forthcoming students.


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