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Book and Word of the Week

Book of the week for w/b 22/01/18 is: Texts, Tweets, Trolls and Teens by Anita Naik

“The online world is a whirl of texts, tweets, trolls, teens and more but how do you stay safe in this fast-paced online world? Teen Life Confidential is here to help with this guide to safe social networking. New technology, amazing apps and an array of social networks make the digital world an exciting place to be. But it can also be a worrying world of anxiety, stress, and another route for bullies to use. This TLC guide answers all your social networking questions from how to stay safe online to coping with the nasty side of the digital world.  Teenagers can manage their online behaviour while still enjoying the awesome world of social media.”


The Word of the week for the w/b 22/01/18 is: VANQUISH (verb)

Meaning:  To defeat an enemy or opponent, especially in war.

Example:  “Napoleon was vanquished at the battle of Waterloo in 1815.”


The Word of the Week Winners for the w/b 08/01/18,  for their use of the word ethereal,  are :

Winner: Sean T, S10:  “ A sleeping baby has an ethereal, angelic appearance you don’t often find in your average, wide-awake teenager!” (Box of Maltesers/Haribo, 3 house points)

Highly Commended: Cassie L, M09: “The clouds parted allowing the sun to shine on the earth, casting an ethereal glow across the landscape.” (Lolly, 2 house points)

Commended: Tom C, K10.“The beautiful, young woman stood elegantly at the foot of the staircase with an almost ethereal presence.” (Lolly, 1 house point)



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