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Book and Word of the Week

Book of the week for w/b 9 July is: THE HAUNTING by ALEX BELL

“Some curses grow stronger with time… People say that all Cornish inns are haunted, but the Waterwitch’s history is particularly chilling. Built from the salvaged timber of a cursed ship, the guest house’s dark secrets go further back than anyone can remember. Emma is permanently confined to a wheelchair after an accident at the Waterwitch which took place when she was ten. Seven years later, she decides to return to the place where the awful event occurred. But the ancient inn still has its ghosts, and one spirit is more vengeful than ever…”


Word of the Week Challenge!

For the final week of term, write a paragraph which contains all the Words of the Week from this half term.

The words are : insipid, destitute, convention, haphazard, cantankerous.


Here are the WotW winners for the w/b 18/06/18 for their use of the word convention:

Winner: Catriona M, D08: “ As Donald Trump entered the convention there was a huge gasp from the crowd.  Donald Trump, president of the USA, had come to a press convention dressed as Spiderman!  Five minutes later, Vladimir Putin came out, dressed as Wonder Woman… The crowd were left in complete shock when another 5 minutes later, the Queen of England arrived, dressed as SuperGirl!”

Highly Commended: Ryan F, Max P and Thomas G, D08: “After losing against Croatia, the Argentinian manger held a convention on the Falkland Islands and asked Maradona for some advice on the Hand of God.”

Commended: Max L, D08: “ Last week in America, a large convention was held for gamers from all around the world.  Fortnite was the main attraction and was watched live everywhere.”

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